For the baby - a list of what you really need and want to prepare for baby.

May 14, 2018


I was discussing the needs of a baby with my mamas in my prenatal class. I remember when I purchased my first item for my baby when I was pregnant; I bought myself a diaper bag! It was more than I should've spent and honestly I stopped using it because my kiddo was such a busy body toddler that I needed something a little easier to throw over my shoulder and chase after him with.


Baby needs few things which basically include their parents, subsistence and safety. That's all! A child doesn't need fifty-five outfits, or a $1200 crib. Those are choices which I empower you to choose if that is what works in your house-hold.

What I am writing what my partner and I had chosen to purchase, and what helped. I also will add some things I wish I had to make my life easier or my infant enjoyed.

Note this will also vary on: the temperatures of your house, where in the world you live and how often you are willing to do laundry. We keep my sons room between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius and do laundry about once a week.


The essentials


14 - 20 Onesies  (Start with a few sets of New Born but don't go nuts. Some babies are 10 lbs and are out of them in eight weeks, but mine was little forever and we bought more after)

7-10 pants/leggings Babies go through pants much less and in the warm days you don't even need pants.

5-10 socks 

7 - 10 Pajamas 

Diapers If you're doing cloth diapers that's a whole page on it's own. The recommended amount for a newborn washing every three days is up to 36 diapers. Disposables I recommend enough to get you through the first 4 weeks and then you can see if they need more or a different brand.  Honestly diapers are so different and fit babies so differently. My son has always worn pampers for his disposables as he is long and lean, and I love the smell. 

Bum creams and wipes 

Contact to a lactation consultant I loved breastfeeding but it was hard and if I would have contacted a quality LC a head of time I would have saved hours of crying. Best case scenario you never need to call them, but if the next few things are on hand and you have access to an LC you will avoid days of confusion if something wasn't to go well, and baby lost a lot of weight.
2 bottles Breastfeeding was 110% the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. My son ended up both breastfed and bottle fed. When we struggled it was hard to go out and get the bottles. I recommend starting with two Dr Brown bottles with preemie nipples. Having them on hand would have made life easier.

Formula from Costco Again breast feeding is the greatest way to feed baby. Our breast milk is the CRAZIEST thing ever. It literally changes for accommodate babies needs. However there is NO shame if you choose to bottle feed or need to bottle feed and at least at Costco you can return it if you never open it. 

Somewhere safe to sleep Baby needs to sleep somewhere safe. Where YOU and your family choose that place is, is up to your discretion. From what I was told is baby needs to sleep near no comforters, blankets or pillows. Baby should be placed on their back, and should be away from all other chocking hazards. You can find more information on preventing injury from your local birth support.

A car seat Legally you need this to leave the hospital. 

Anything essential for the weather to keep baby safe such as blankets for the car ride home.

Sports bras You won't wear many bras for the first while as I highly recommend lots of skin to skin and snuggles. You also cannot be sure how big your breasts may get. With the lack of milk I produced I spent $40 on bras I barely used for more than 6 months.  Once your supply is in and you are following through with your breast feeding relationship then invest in good bras.


Your best interest

With you and your insanity in mind these are things I couldn't go without.


Swaddle Blankets 3 or more for when baby spits up. They are the best, they're somewhere for baby to lay, and they can help swaddle baby if they are in need of a real snuggle. 

Bath Towel 2

Some way to bath baby safely 

Baby Wash I HIGHLY recommend Rocky Mountain Soap Company either the baby line or the pumpkin bar

Backpack style diaper bag

Baby wearing wrap/Soft Structured carrier/Ring Sling I loved my wrap because I wore it in place of a shirt around the house with my son in a diaper against my skin.

Nail clippers, a brush and a comb


What you don't need, but will want around


Baby tylonal

Gripe Water

A way to remove mucus

A place to change baby Honestly anywhere that you can put down a receiving blanket is enough but blowouts are better with an actual place. It's also nice to have a designated space for organization purposes. 

Sleep sacks My son still sleeps in them.

A stroller

A baby bouncer/chair As soon as my son was old enough to sit in one its where he basically lived when I wasn't holding him. It helped me talk to him,  make eye contact with him and go pee!

Nursing pillow

Baby Thermometer Nothing fancy, just one for under the armpit.

Baby Monitor I broke mine after 7 months and never replaced it.


The fun stuff


MORE carriers! I have two soft structured carries, two ring slings and a wrap. I love them all for different reasons. I am cut off from buying more.

A crib, mattress and sheets I have three sheets on the crib plus a protective cover. True story, they saved me from my cat peeing on the mattress more than my son. He didn't sleep in it until he was eight months. He actually slept in the bassinet in my room.

A pack and play My son slept in it before the crib, after the bassinet in our room.

Bottle Cleaning supplies

A car seat mirror

A humidifier

A Wubanub pacifier 

If you are only bottle feeding my sister says get a Baby Breeza


Good luck as you head out and nest for baby. It is truly so much fun! I kept all of the receipts for my stuff in case I didn't use items, and anything that I didn't need right away I registered for.  


xxo Asha

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