*#%+ Yea Women!

March 19, 2018

Today I went to check out the new Fit Your Life studio; a company which has been running for three years but have just now opened an (adorable and aesthetically pleasing) studio. It has prenatal and postnatal fitness classes to empower and connect women and the community. It makes me think about when I first began working with a community of women, to what Edmonton is like now. When I started working with young children and their families, if a mom wanted to sneak in a work out they would a) Have to try during nap time. b) have to pay a babysitter or c) do it at the end of the day when their husbands were home; you know after taking care of kids, keeping a clean house, preparing supper and; oh, not sleeping much the night before.  Times are a changing!  I then drove to my class at the Little Lotus studio, also ran by a strong woman, and yell "FUCK YEAH FEMALES!" (pardon my language). 

I am embarking on this entrepreneurial adventure of creating roots for my own company and a large part of it has grown deep from female energy. 

So, after having a happy heart, sitting in the little yoga studio, I decided celebrate the local women who have fueled my power and were there when I needed them/didnt even know they were helping me. 


Michele Theoret. I met Michele doing my 200 hour yoga-teacher-training. She is the founder and creator of Empowered Yoga, a studio which was never really a studio until now. If you've never attended any of her classes please do. You would usually find her at the Mosaic Center either running a class or facilitating, with her amazing tribe of Empowered Women (and men) classes for people to deepen their understanding of yoga; yoga for seniors, yoga for kids, yoga for sports, yoga for pretty much whatever you care about. I honest would take ALL of her classes if I could because I could listen to her talk all day. Her mind is fascinating with her background in kinesiology and psychology.  



Mandy Trapp. Mandy was brought into my life at the right time, there is no doubt about it. Whiles shes been in my presence my whole life through six degrees of separation, I enrolled into a Lifestyle Meditation course when I needed to reconnect to my own crazy brain. Since then her and her gorgeous family have opened their own studio on the North West side of Edmonton called "Lifestyle Meditation". Bringing a new relationship to mindfulness. A concrete place to gather and Om.


Clare Newman. This mama bear is the craziest female entrepreneur I think I've ever met and is the one who I resonate the most with. I swear she is never just working on one thing. Whether its running her business at Mamata Yoga, running classes, running teacher training, taping yoga videos for teachers and moms on the internet or just being a mom, shes got a million things up her sleeve. And that doesn't even cover the fact that she owns a holistic wellness brand and does reiki! I took my Prenatal yoga teacher training with this woman of many hats, and look forward to taking all the master classes she has.


Cynthia Stobbe. Cynthia and I met through my original roots, Early learning and childcare. She mentored me before I became a preschool teacher at Capilano Playschool. We connected again when she opened Little Lotus studio when it was in another yoga studio. The stars aligned and we just kept having play dates.



Vanessa Pouliet. I stalked Vanessa as the owner of Glow Yoga, a mobile yoga studio for children. Children + Mindfulness = my jam and Vanessa ran this club. I’ve been lucky enough to work with her since Fox was born and honestly she makes work seem like fun! She’s also the Western teacher for Rainbow Yoga (which is on my bucket list). 



Edmonton is full of female makers and shakers. I am so honored to say I have worked with and trained with many of the best. I want to add some other local Yeggies I admire!


Lay Holmes. Owner, creator and seamstress of Aura Leaf ring slings, and this mama is unreal to watch. Shes like a bumblebee, always creating and committing to something! The Queen Bee of her little hive she pumps out amazing quality wraps which I sometimes use in my mom and baby classes.


Kelsey Dalziel is actually not a Yeggie, shes from Sherwood Park where she runs and owns Eleven Eleven. Another community gathering space to bring together like minded women! I am lucky enough to teach there twice a week.


Alison Service. This stranger (literally, I've never met her) is my favorite. She owns Creation Space and I SO BADLY want to join her tribe. Creation space is a spot for kids to explore process open ended art. How amazing is that?! A girl who knows the way to a Early Educators heart.


The Fit Mamas. I know them in passing and admire them from afar on instagram, and that's okay. I got to check out their space, Fit your life today where they host moms alike and help us strengthen their souls and bodies through prenatal fit, HITT and other styles of fitness.


Sonya Duffee. The soul behind Full Circle Birth Collective. An amazing women who created a space in her home for women to learn about birth, and babies. And since Fox I am ALL about the babies. She has opened her home to my husband and I a few times to work with our doula and has created many opportunities to connect women to a collective of birth educators.



I feel like I could just sit here all day writing about various business owners in Edmonton who are strong women. I am so lucky to have met and worked with 99% of these women!  So I ask, who is your strong woman?


Photo credit;  Mom is drawing  

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