Prenatal and New Parent Support

Prenatal Partner workshop

Designed for expectant mothers and their partners, in this work shop couples learn how to support one another through the journey of pregnancy. Partners can expect yoga postures, massage techniques and breath work to help create relaxation and create a calming birthing experience. Partners are not limited to parents of the child but anyone who may be supporting the birth experience.

Motherhood Woman's Circle

The transformation from the womb to Earth side is life changing for baby and mother. During this circle we celebrate the transition a mother goes through from pregnancy to postpartum. During the birth circle we will honor the mothers' birth stories, experiences and wisdom while creating a safe and sacred place. The celebration will include any story sharing you are comfortable talking about, share mantras, hymns and guided meditations. This experience is an enriching way to meet other mothers'. 

Babies are welcome!​

Birth Blessing Celebration

A collection of friends and family will surround you the mother with love, guidance and wishes for the journey of motherhood.  The focus of this ceremony is to empower and support the pregnant woman with art, dance, blessings and beauty. 

Moms to Be workshop

During this workshop, we will talk about resources for birth and after birth, work through some birthing fears, discuss and choose appropriate birth wishes to reflect their ideal birth and discuss the basics of breast feeding. It will be centered around yoga & pranayama to develop body awareness and include yoga nidra and guided meditation.

Maiden to Mother 

This is a great workshop to do alone or with a partner; in this work shop we will make a bath soak for pregnant mamas, create malas for before and during labour and create beautiful birth mantras. This is a fun, interactive workshop to celebrate mom to be.  

Empowering Mothers Mediation

Managing motherhood can be a juggling act sometimes with children, partners, to do lists; and the most important person is often neglected is you. In this workshop we will discuss the science and benefits of meditation, self reflection and self care. We will discuss postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and the baby blues. During the workshop you will learn how to meditate, journal and take five for yourself. We will have a safe sacred space to find like minded mamas while sharing and listening.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

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