Learning through play

Enriching elementary and preschool programs yoga creates mindfulness in even the littlest yogis. Asha's children's yoga classes support body and spatial awareness, physical activity, breathing exercises and mindfulness all while incorporating early literacy, games and activities.

Asha's kids' yoga classes are child centered, age appropriate and create a very unique class based on your classes needs, unit or theme. All K-12 classes follows the Alberta Teaching Curriculum for programming.

Child guided and using the Alberta Curriculum Framework in mind, AT yoga offers child guided, open ended yoga and mindfulness classes for day cares, day homes and out of school cares. Yoga can teach kids valuable lessons and improve upon their gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and early literacy skills.

Children wanting to try yoga for the first time or spend some time on their mat again can enjoy short programmed classes offered at local studios or community centers.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

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