I am a Mother. I am a Wife. I am a Daughter. I am a Sister. I am a Teacher.

I am a Friend. I am...

My passion for serving others has been a long and rich process. I have always been an active member in my community and an avid volunteer. In 2004 I had hoped to enroll for my Bachelor in Social Work, but had missed the cut off date. While waiting for the next semester I took a job at a local daycare. To this day I believe the universe was finally saying “we’re proud you took the first step, but it was in the wrong direction. Here let me show you…
In 2010 I earned my Early Childhood Development from Mac Ewan University.


In 2014 my two passions would collide; yoga and working with young children. I brought a yoga teacher into my preschool classroom and was moved by her teachings with the children. I wanted to bring more yoga to the preschool children, as well as meditation and mindfulness. I enrolled and completed my  Kids Yoga training with Yoga in my School.

With this education and my passion I developed a Health & Wellness program for the preschool which earned me a Professional Award of Excellence in Innovative programming with the Government of Alberta.

In 2016 I finished my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Michele Theoret at Empowered Yoga.

I was ecstatic because it would help me have the requirements to be a Registered Kids Yoga Teacher in the community as well as offer me the opportunity to begin teaching adults. During this time I found out I was pregnant with my first child.

After having my son, I enrolled and completed my 85-hour prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training with Clare Newman at Mamata Yoga.  I knew working with perinatal parents was my calling,  

and completed my Postpartum Doula certification with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association)

During the birth of my son I suffered posttraumatic stress from the birth. There was many events which I perceived as traumatic as well as abuse.  With help from Jennifer Summerfeldt I worked through my trauma to come to the other side. Since my work began I now am a certified Trauma informed Doula.

In 2020 during the height of Covid 19 I delivered my second child, a daughter. Having this training very much helped me to flow through her birth and use my learning for the community.

I am currently enrolled at Birthing from Within to become both a Child Birth Educator and a Labour and delivery doula. I will be finished my training in time to come off of Maternity leave from my daughters birth.

With this work I am also enrolled at The institute for the study of Birth, Breath and Death for my Holding space for Pregnancy loss certification.

Outside of all of this Birth Junkie and ECD interests you can also find me on my mat doing Yoga, reading, spending time outside with my family and friends and spending time with my pets.

Kind Words

Edmonton, AB, Canada

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