One to one Support

Personal Contracts

Hire Asha for private yoga and meditation sessions in our central wellness studio (Whyte Avenue) or at a location of your choosing. These contracts are fantastic for individuals or families who cannot make it to group classes, are not central to Edmonton, want a more tailored class or need special requirements.

Private Yoga Classes

Private Meditation Classes

Is yoga with the children in public classes tough? Is prenatal sessions not supporting you where you need it most?

Do you enjoy working better with personal one to one support?

All of Asha's Yoga and Meditation classes (including "Learn to... " classes) can be delivered privately through home visits, meeting at a studio (ours or yours), through email or via live chat!

In home sessions can be shared between friends and family!

Classes can be shared between 3 additional people (4 in total).

Additional person(s) can be added for an additional cost,up to eight people in total. 

Wellness Coaching and Consulting

Do you prefer personal conversations (which can include laughing?!) Are you not local to Edmonton?

Is me coming to you just not feasible? Do you want support that can raise you to a new level?


Managing families can be quite tough.  

When hiring Asha we will use a combination of training's to work together to help you build whatever you desire . This can include but isn't limited too learning to meditate as a mother, doing yoga with your kids or some peaceful parent coaching.


All of my parent coaching is derived from science-backed Early Learning theories and Gentle Parenting procedures. 

This includes getting toddlers to do the best they can to listen, understanding why they break down, and figuring out how to be both firm and fair with problem solving.


Wellness coaching and consulting is tailored to each family and can benefit you in many ways.

Coaching can be supported through home visits and office visits if local, and through email, phone and via live chat!

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30 minute consultation is free!

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Edmonton, AB, Canada

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