Across the world and throughout history, villages and communities would collect to support new parents and their various needs during the fourth trimester. 

In our Western culture today times have changed, families are spread out and our village is no longer able to do as much as they wish they could for the growing families. 

As an Early Development specialist the science is evident that the first days Earth Side are valuable for the newborn and their parent(s). As a postpartum doula I provide in-home support for the postpartum parent(s) and the diverse family needs.

What can a Postpartum Doula do for us?

  • Physical support for the birthing parent around the home to ensure rest and comfort.

  • Emotional support using up to date unbiased and evidence-based information.

  • Chest feeding, Bottle feeding and breastfeeding support.

  • Education and support during the many transitions of parenting.

  • Support outside of the home running quick errands and supporting delicious cravings.

  • Supplying resources from a lending library and references for from other local specialists.

  • Support and information on traits of postpartum depression, anxiety and baby blues.

  • Infant care education such as cord cleaning, bathing, and more.

Is postpartum doula support only for newborns?

Absolutely not! Once the child becomes older than twelve months my responsibility to support your infant begins to transition to toddler care. However any time before twelve months the care is focused on the postpartum period of the family.

All of my Postpartum doula support is derived from science-based Early Learning theories and Gentle Parenting procedures. 

What Doulas do not do

is any diagnosing of medical conditions or herbs (but as stated I can refer to amazing community members) and make choices for you and your family.

Postpartum Doula Packages

Bringing home baby can bring on many questions and needs, whether it is your first baby or one of many. My intention is to hold space with you as your navigate this new found adventure.

My goal is to customize your care to you individual needs.

Currently booking into April 2020.

For the best dates and hours consider booking ahead. 
​Prices may vary for holidays, evenings or weekends. 

For each 4 hours of continuous care, one hour can be used for postpartum yoga and mindfulness support. Connect to inquire about packages and private yoga class prices. 

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Edmonton, AB, Canada

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